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Kustum Robo is a platformer about using Robo's various forms to explore large maps with hidden Coins(Many Per Level)/USB Drives(5 Per Level)/Floppy Discs(1 Per Level). It contains 1 normal boss after Level 3 and a redux Stronger/Faster/Larger version after Level 4.

X - CHANGE FORM(Nimble/Treads/Jumper)
C - CHANGE WEAPON (Blaster/Sword)

Nimble: Can Wall Jump, Crawl, Wall Slide, and Jump once.
Treads: Has no Jumping but allows you to use UP and DOWN near Walls and LEFT AND RIGHT when touching a Ceiling. No crawling.
Jumper: Can jump 5 times and Crawl. Cant wall jump or Slide.

Blaster: Can be charged up to 4 Damage over time by holding Shoot.
Sword: Creates slashes that deal 2 damage but can critically strike for 4.


gbjam7.zip 3 MB

Install instructions

Unzip game and run Exe.

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